To'omata Talae Laipise Tuitele

S. of Saini (Jane) Hunkin Tauaisafune & HRH Rev. Uaine (Wayne) Penikila Tuitele

To'omata Talae Laipise Tuitele
Born 17.7.1898 at Fitiuta, Manua, American Samoa, Pacific Isles
Marr. Taufanua Lemaia in 1923 at Leone, Tutuila, American Samoa, Pacific Isles


Malaeti' a Ioki
Mata' uitafa (Ann)
Foga' a
Mathew Vaomlo Laipise
Vaitu' uipu
Fa' aea (Mike)


Taufanua, of IIi' iIi, AM. Leauma may have been called Leoese or Louie. Omaiomaofaimolatoulemalo was called 'oh' for short (smile). (Thankyou to Saini (Jane) Tuitele for helping me with this family).

"My grandfather was Mathew Vaomlo Laipise Tuitele from Leone, Tuitila in American Samoa. He was the son of To'omata Talae Laipise Tuitele and Taufanua Lemaia. He served in the military for many years taking part in the Korean Conflict and earning several honors during that time. He was stationed at Ft. Campbell army base in Christian Co. Kentucky where he met and married Jean Delores Thomas of Gracie, KY. When they married he adopted her three children, who were very young, one boy and two identical twin girls. John Thomas Tuitele, (1957) lives in Peoria, AZ. Married Lynn and has one son Sean. Doris Jean Tuitele McGregor, (September 3, 1959) lives in Hopkinsville, KY, married David McGreogor and had one son Davis McGregor. Daphne Dean Tuitele, (September 3, 1959) lives in Madisonville KY. She married Steven Hammons Rogers and had two children Stephanie Ann Rogers (May 9, 1984) and James Mathew Rogers (November 1, 1988). They later divorced, she remarried Richard Wayne Adams, had no children and later divorced. The three children's last name was Tatum at the time they were adopted. That is how it appears on birth certificates and the adoption papers. If you give me a bit, I can get my grandparents marriage date, papa's birthdate, and other dates for you. (My grandma travels in RV's and it is hard to track her down. HA HA!) Mathew is only spelt with one "T", unlike his brother, and he died on 08-28-1990 in Hopkinsville, KY at age 55. He is buried there. I will warn you that the marriage and adoption was not popular with many of his brothers and sisters because my grandmother was not Samoan, so asking questions about that may need to be done gently. If you have any more info on his brothers or sisters I'd love to know. I know many are now deceased, but I believe 3 or so are still living. Will try to get dates to you soon! Thanks! (By Stephanie Ann Rogers)

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